MMJ and Sundowners (treating dementia with marijuana)

As the number of states legalizing medical marijuana/cannabis are increasing across the United States, many families and caregivers of individuals with cognitive decline are beginning to ask if the herbal supplement may be a good option for their loved one. With the availability of safe, legal cannabis, an increasing number of individuals are finding that treating dementia with cannabis may be a viable option.

A brief history of medical cannabis use

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for well over 5000 years, and it was not until 1941, in response to articles that have since been proven false published in the late 20’s, that it was removed from the US pharmacopia. In recent years, many western countries have begun limited medical marijuana allowances, with a strongly positive response from patients and indications that the drug is primarily being used among patients to successfully treat the various physical and mental challenges it was prescribed to address.

What symptoms medical marijuana may alleviate

Use of certain strains of medical cannabis has been demonstrated anecdotally and scientifically to alleviate various symptoms of aging, including symptoms prominent for a loved one with sundowners. It is effective in treating insomnia, and calming down anxiety. It also has strong effects of calming down problematic behaviors, including panic driven flight responses or violence. Marijuana also has a potent pain relieving effect, and if your loved one is nearing the end of their lives may be a gentle way to help them stay calm and comfortable in their final weeks or months.

Will it harm my loved ones memory?

Given the long association with marijuana and memory problems, it is natural that someone who is already helping a loved one through cognitive decline would be worried about potential side effects that may worsen the condition. While it’s true that cannabis may induce some short-term memory loss (namely, an individual may not be able to clearly remember things moment to moment while the marijuana is active in their system), it has only demonstrated long term memory loss effects with chronic use over several years, or use early in brain development. Promising studies have also demonstrated that THC, the active compound in marijuana, may in fact delay the formation of brain clogging Alzheimers plaque better than pharmaceuticals currently available on the market.

How to find safe, legal medical marijuana

First, find out whether or not your state has medical marijuana laws in effect. If your state does support medical marijuana, your public health department or basic internet searching should help you find the process for gaining access to dispensaries, which varies state to state. You may need to see one or several doctors to confirm a diagnoses for the prescription. These specialists will also help determine which strain or hybrid is best for your loved ones specific situation, as different types of marijuana are bred to amplify different therapeutic effects. Once you have the prescription, you will go to a dispensary, where pharmacy grade, medically regulated marijuana is sold. There will be a variety of options to choose from, including herbs for smoking, oils, resins, different kinds of smoking apparatus, and edible goods such as candies, cookies, or butter. You may need to experiment a little bit to find out what works best for your loved one: smoked cannabis tends to act faster and stronger, whereas ingested tends to last longer and take a while to set in. Depending on what symptoms it is being used to treat, and your loved ones feelings about the various options, it may take some experimentation before you find what works for you.

Treating dementia with cannabis – your story.

An increasing number of families of individuals experiencing cognitive decline are coming forward and sharing their stories on the Internet, for other caregivers to gain hope and advice from. In one inspirational story from Skunk Pharm Research LLC, introduction of medical marijuana to a mother who had become increasingly violent and aggressive as her Alzheimers worsened brought a woman comfort and peace in her last years of life, and reunited a family. You can read their moving story here. We would like to extend an invitation to you, our readers, to share your own stories, if you have one to share. By collecting stories and hosting them on our site (with your permission, and anonymously if requested), you can help educate and inspire families like your own. If you have a story concerning the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of sundowner syndrome or dementia, please share it with our readers below.


In early 2015, Green Flower Media launched a service that set out to answer all the questions we have about cannabis. Its goal being to educate. It’s a large undertaking, but with so much that is still unknown, Max Simon and his team have more than enough myths to debunk and new areas to explore. It is a Brave New World and GreenFlower is here to explain it to us. Knowledge is power.

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A Senior Alternative

California’s Senior Medical Cannabis Market is definitely leading the way in the US. Here is a chart from the team of David Downs and John Blanchard at The Chronicle. For more great information on the topic of cannabis use and the aging see the Green State: Seniors’ guide to Cannabis.

Chart of Marijuana Use by Seniors

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My mother has vascular dementia and I have been trying to have her perscribed medicinal marijuana for a year now with no luck. It is extremely frustrating when doctors tell me that the research is not there to support giving it to her. This is my mother, and I am fully able to decide what is best for her and what I am willing to do.

Try lemon drops with 100 mg label (not particularly accurate, but consistent). Research is lacking so be consistent. Track sleep rythym and mood on week prior. Try a three day regimen: 1 per day 3 hours before regular fall asleep dependably time. Keep a chart.

i also use the lemon drop candies,100mg/10mgs each.OMG,what a difference.instead of the anxiety and suspicion,we laugh and reminisce before she falls’s a blessing

I have tried 4 different candies for my dad and all the do is amp him up. I have been told to stay away from stativa (sp). Dispensary told me what I recently purchased had none. My dad paces the floor even more when he takes. What am I doing wrong? What is this “oil” I read people talk about?

hey there, he is amped up because of the sativa. indaca is the relaxing one..just remember in-da-ca=in da couch lol..i had a bad experience taking a sativa capsule,,felt like cocaine..get a pure indaca..the OIL is VERY IMPORTANT is CBD OIL,the non-active part. thats what people get major results from also. you cant give them too much.try and get the concentrate for under the tongue.i just got my papaw CBD tincture. u can get it in lotions for arthritis,crystal form to put in a drink,vaporizer..get strong CBD and load them up.increase to find relief

My Dad’s 92 and had become mostly angry, agitated and confused. I started him on a 5mg THC infused hard candy taken before bed, and his behavior changed immediately and stayed calm the entire next day. His mind seems clearer too. 5mg is a microdose, but because the elderly have slower metabolism, it lasted the whole day. Now, after several months, his tolerance level has increased and we have upped the dosage to 5mg at bed and 5mg in late morning. It’s still microdosing .. and we have the ability to increase or decrease the dosage as Dad needs.

Are you giving him thc or CBD gummies …cbd does not work for everyone . You may want to research RSO ( rick Simpson oil)

Hi my dad is 73 he has had this LBD going on 14 years .. a year ago he was in hospice unable to swallow … I took him out cut off all his meds and started him out on 1 gram of RSO oil by mouth daily .. he is currently consuming 3 gs daily … he walks w help has conversations and feeds himself cookies etc .. water bottle . He is alive he knows who I am … my mother cares for him by herself .. he. I longer is angry this has completely changed our lives .. I can’t begin to explain he is coming back very slowly but seriously full speech feeling emotions his eyes weren’t opening he is alert and active he often unties his restraints and I’ll find him walking around alone in the house … people judge for the kind of care I administer .. his doctor here in Florida .. is utterly amazed and says it’s the best transformation she’s ever seen he has gone back at least two stages … he answer math problems .. 4+5 =9 gets a few right then train of thought is gone .. I could not be happier

Good morning Tony, thanks for the positive feed back. I am from New York and I am considering some kind of an edible for my dad, He has LBD. He is on so many meds and nothing seems to help. I know their is no cure for LBD but I feel going this route might help manage His agitation and sleeping pattern along with hallucination.

Thanks again have a good day!

I recently started Hospice for my Mom and they are more than willing to give me hard core drugs for her COPD dementia and Sundowners Syndrome. After trying them for a couple days she was absolutely miserable and had no clear thinking. And It was not helping her sleep and would wake up feeling horrible. Out of desperation I went to the club and got some THC drops. She had been sleeping like a baby and it has helped with other issues as well. She wakes up feeling clear headed. I am a true believer that the natural options are better. Thank goodness it’s legal in California now.

Most doctors will only prescribe medical marijuana for known illnesses it helps elieviate. My suggestion to you would be to take her back to the doctor and explain how her back hurts. It’s just a tiny white lie and just maybe her back does hurt she just is unable to tell you. Good luck Becky

My Mum also has Vascular Dementia. It’s such a horrid disease!
I have some oil and capsules. But my dilemma is getting her to agree to treat her with it. Her GP is aweful and is not pro cannabis.

I have been a caregiver for my sister who is now 83 yrs old w/this horrible dreadful disease-dementia. I just heard of the use of medical marijuana to help w/the dementia & that it not only helps w/dementia, it helps w/a lot of diseases. I guess all we can do is get in touch w/our state represenatives & let them know we feel that allowing medical marijuana to help those of us w/bad diseases is A MUST! This disease has been around (Alzhiemers) has been around for 80 yrs.; that certainly isn’t anything to be proud of that all the research & all the money that is given for donations for more research has not accomplished much-the meds they prescribe are not a CuRE..WE NEED HELP YESTERDAY….

My Mom is turning 85 end of the year. She is very forgetful and becomes so upset when we correct her about things. Only important things though. I do not want her not to recognise us one of these days…She needs no other medication, She is healthy. Still living alone in retirement village. Dressing and cleaning herself. Just forgetting where she puts things, sometimes the day or date, asks 6 times if you would like some tea… I have a prescription for Donecept, but I am to scared to give it to her. What if it damage other parts of her body? I do not trust chemicals. Really want to try Cannabis Oil with her. Just not sure how to know what is good quality…

I went to Colorado and got Indic 5mg THC in pill form for my 84 yr old Mom along with Haileys Hope CBD oil. Fantastic results.. calming .. not as agitated or anxious.. she has been diagnosed with early signs of dementia.. very anxious,angry and upset a lot before the pills and oil.. within 3-4 days the Haileys Hope was working to calm her down.. THC 5 mg INDICA !! are helping with some long term memory…

1-3 grams rso oil every day but u must cut off all other medications… thc lowers blood presssure if the patient is already taking a mediciation to lower blood pressure it may dip to a deadly low … u can not consume large amounts of RSO or THC oil if u do not cut out all the meds

You might have to make the decision for her and see how it works for her . It’s better than any pill for sure 🙂

What oil are you referring to? I have tried several candies and they just amp him up. I am feeling lost in an area I know very little about.

What oil are you referring to? I have tried several candies and they just amp my 83 yo dad up. I am feeling lost in an area I know very little about.

Our mother is 89 years old. Her dementia is pretty bad. She is constantly agitated and anxious. She seems to be afraid of sleeping. Up and down, up and down. She can’t seem to settle. Her moods vary and not always nice. She complains of headaches, and body pain. It is difficult for her to communicate, and we were beside ourselves as to what was needed. Her pharmacy prescriptions do little. Fortunately, we live in a state that has legalized marijuana. We found a marijuana shop, and bought the cannabis oil. What a difference! Within twenty minutes, she seemed improved. This medication has alleviated the anxiety, agitation, and allows her to sleep. She is much more calm, and her appetite has returned. We administer this medication at one dosage a day. Each dosage is three quarters of a teaspoon. If you really are at your wits end, and want to improve your loved ones quality of life, you may want to try the cannabis oil.

I imagine everyone is talking about a RSO oil. It has some amazing claims from everything from general health to cancer treatment. And yes I mean treatment. Not just a bandaid.

Most elderly people trust there doctor more than science,
Science says that active THC causes place in the brain to I infuse plant trimmings and leaves into oil sunflower oil is good lol,. Teaspoon per serving in your food or under your tongue. Can also be used topically but not to good for brain as applying topically doesn’t break the blood barrier

I am interested in trying it for my Mother who has dementia. But, Dementia is not on the list of qualifying diseases in Pennsylvania….Her physician is willing to prescribe it….

I also have a mother with dementia for 12 years now and also live in Pennsylvania I’m thinking about moving to a more liberal state and try there.

So then go get her some CBD drops and put it in her tea daily. It seems to me that you have nothing to loose and everything to gain and the effects will be apparent to you in a short time. You appear to be a loving caring daughter so then listen to your heart and do what YOU FEEL IS RIGHT FOR YOUR MOM NOT BIG PHARMA SHO CONTROLS WHAT OUR DOCTORS CAN AND DO PRESCRIBE FOR OUR LOVED ONES. Do your homework and you will know what is the right course to take for your mom. Good luck to you and your mom.

I just took my elderly parents to get their cards. They had both stated a history of fibromyalgia and that was the condition the Dr. put on the form. A CBD/THC cocktail at bed time seemed to be having positive effect. A short while after beginning this cocktail regimen I had a phone conversation with mom, it was fantastic! It was like talking to the mom of 10-15 years ago! Unfortunately mom developed a bladder infection, and had horrible reaction to the meds, and made her sick for a few days. Now she is better, and already starting to show improvement.
When visiting with the Dr., he advised taking the THC treatment slow to start. Just a drop or two of oil under the tongue every few hrs. “Keep her off the ceiling” he said. So the treatment we plan to follow is continue with the previous dose of CBD/THC at bed time, and add a dose of CBD in the morning with micro doses of THC every few hours. It is beneficial if treating with oils to get the entourage effect of the two oils.

We use medical marijuana (by prescription) for my father who has alzheimers…late stage with sundowning. I could not get a prescription from a traditional doctor, however easily got one from a medical marijuna doctor at a wellness center after his appointment with her.. And just so you know, my dad had been on all sorts of antipsychotic meds due to dementia behaviors, but since using medical marijuan in a candy chew, he has been off all behavior medicines, and just uses the chews.

He couldn’t sleep, but he does now. He would curse continually, but not now. He would fight to get out the door in wee hours w high agitation, but not now. It has been a goldmine for him and our family. We can now keep him home with us, and not have to institutionalize him. You have to go to wellenss doctors, as they are trained to prescribe and treat when traditional doctors just don’t know enough. From experience, I can tell you to keep trying. It has helped our loved one, like nothing else has. We are not drug using people, don’t like smoke around us, don’t drink, but for serious medical problems and behaviors we are absolutely on board with it…as long as it stays legal and is done the legal way–thru a prescription with dr. monitoring.

Just wondering what type of chews you are using. I am trying a tincture and tried a chew in my dad who has dementia, Alzheimer’s with sun downer’s and no difference seen yet. Do you know if the chews have THC, or is there a concentration/dosage that you know of? I’m glad it has worked out for your father. I would like to get my dad off the two meds he is on, which don’t seem to do any good for him anyway. I was hoping the medical marijuana would be a more natural way to treat his aggitation and insomnia.

Hi Annette;

I am facing what sounds like the exact same problem with my father in law. . . . What particular strain of marijuana did you come across that was the most effective?

Thanks & God Bless!


What is your CBD dosage amount? I’m currently had my father start taking 52mg/daily of CBD pills. I read that 20mg was used on studies with mice(significant size difference) do you recommend a specific CBD dosage amount?

I just started my 71 yr old Mom ( Diagnosed @ 60) tried antipsychotics that almost killed her! We have put her on 10mg of CBD Isolate help with agitation during care. Gotta tell ya it works like u wouldn’t believe! She’s calm, Happy & comfortable

My Mum has Vascular Dementia, but as we are in Perth Western Australia, I’m unable to find a Dr whom is pro cbd oil as I am. It’s so frustrating. I just want to ease her constant torment! I’m stuck!

Try searching for cannabis oil in any health food supplier. I recently started giving my parents the treatment. No need for a prescription. I pray it helps them. I have read so many articles about it and it seems to be my last hope!!

i am in exactly the same boat with my wife, if only i could obtain some medical cannabis i’m sure it would make a big difference to her.

My husband has Lewy-Body dementia and sundowners. He was aggressive and paranoid. I put him on St. John’s wort, two caps two times per day for a total of four (St. John’s wort in the US comes in standardized doses). This has leveled out his mood tremendously and now he is cooperative and the paranoia/aggression has disappeared.

When he comes home, I will dose him with good old mary jane, but the nursing home does not allow cannabis use because it is a federally-licensed facility, even though we are in California.

I am not a physician…I am an observer and in my college years even now I study holistic vs. Conventional…might I suggest you talk to his physician….see about very slowly tapering him off the antiphycotic meds….to do so abruptly I found in a Study in 2004 every single school shooting involved a teen either cold turkying themselves, or being cold turkied off these dangerous medications…swift abrupt cessation…caused evelvated drug induce withdrawl and severe psychosis….Yes I did get an A+ on my research and was backed by Masters in this study out of Maryland. Just an idea as Many herbals don’t mix with conventionals and that may be why you are seeing no improvements.
Hoping the best for you and your dad.

Sincerely A. Concerned pro-holistic soul

Hiya. There’s a facebook group called something like “CBD oil can help” where they also sell the cbd oil and the owner is very knowledgeable. PM me on facebook (Jodie Pierce-Author) and I’ll invite you to the group as it’s a closed group. Great place to get information from Matt Duncan!!!

Please add me also. My husband is in the early stages and I’s like help him. Meds aren’t doing anything.

Hello Jodie, I will send you a message on Facebook. Kindly add me to the group ‘Cannabis Oil Can Help’.

My mum is diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. We live in the UK. And I am interested in information on how cannabis can help her.


Will you please add me to this group my father has dementia
And I need help
Thank you

My mother-in-law has vascular dementia also, I have sent a friend request so I can find out more information to help her.

Hi Jodie,

I saw your post and wondered if I could message you on facebook and join the cBD oil group. My dad has dementia and we are looking for something to calm him down….is the CBD oil over the counter or do you have to go to a dispensary? He lives in Phoenix and you have to have a card.

I would like to join this group, my senior dad needs help badly! They are killing him with drugs trying to calm his sundowners.

Just started yesterday with CBD oil with 0.3 of THC in it. (background on Mom) Mom is 89 with moderate to severe dementia. She feels like she should be somewhere and doesn’t know where and it makes her very agitated. She also asks about her dead loved ones all day. she doesn’t stop needing something all day! She yells and then starts saying things like we don’t care about her and she wants out of here. I was going out of my mind!

They told me at the store that it would take a week or so to see an effect. Nope. I gave her 3 drops under the tongue and it was a noticeable difference with in about an hour. She wasn’t asking to be taken to the bathroom every 15 min, she had pleasant conversation and she actually cracked up laughing at a joke I told her. She was way more patient and pleasant. She stayed very alert all day, She had a nice conversation with my brother and laughed a lot. By bed time she went without problem and didn’t complain about the bed and yell for me over and over. she laid in bed and talked to her stuffed animals until she fell asleep! She slept about 10 hours comfortably. This morning she didn’t wake me up with screaming my name over and over at 6 am! 😀 I’m sold!

My mother has alzhimers , It is such a horrible disease . I live in California how would I go about about getting my mom on edible THC ?

You need to find a doctor that prescribes marijuana/cannabis. Going to the regular doctor won’t do anything. Talk to someone at a dispensary on where to find one. You can also find them in the local city publications, they usually post tons of ads there.

I too have been trying to get a marijuana pill for my mom. Her dr’s told me “We don’t do that” so as her condition is worsening and also taking several meds, I think its time I take matters in my own hands. My sister who was a nurse for 25 yrs working with seniors with Alz and dementia, can’t understand why this is being denied to my mom.She said it was not just for not eating issues, which BTW my mom is starting to not eat 2 meals a day, and sometimes won’t even drink the Ensure or other nutrient supplements. After reading comments posted I think I may have to take her to a clinic here in Mi and do what has to be done, regardless of what the drs say.Thanks for all the information !

You need to find your local Norml chapter .they should be able to direct you..I have been AGAINST MARIJUANA since I was involved in the husband continued to smoke.I was furious it almost caused a divorce.We have been married 40 years.He now has been diagnosed with vascular dementia after a heart by pass.I started looking into cannibus use specifically CBD oil.I cannot believe what I have learned..we live in maine where it is medically legal.I am now a caregiver and I make edibles with THC decarbed.. no high effect at all.I see such pain relief.with the oil.I have become quite a cook.The taste is I’m learning to reflavor

I also live in Maine and starting to look into the aid of medical marijuana for my 67 yr. old brother who is DS with, we believe Alzheimer’s. He has anxiety and apparently aggressive behaviors due to frustrations. He is medicated with anti-psychotic meds, depression meds and is living the quality of life in his nature, loving, caring, conversational and down right happy go lucky!
Any knowledge of this form of treatment working on alleged aggressions?

Hello, I stumbled upon this board as I was curious what else can be done to help a family member who is 60, with Down syndrome and what is believed to be Alzheimer’s. Doctors seem unsure of how to treat the difficult symptoms we are seeing, lots of crying, screaming, and insomnia. We do not know of anyone with any experience of this. What have you found to work?

Try baking the marijuana flowers instead of extracting the oils. Bake some flowers wrapped in tin foil really well (to keep your house from smelling like Cheech & Chong’s van) at 250 degrees for 45 – 60 minutes. Take it out and let it cool in the foil. If you crunch it up into certain foods and fluids you can’t taste it at all. I find queso dip is the best. Plus you get the full benefits of the plant, nothing is lost in the oil extraction process.

Make your own Cannabis oil,if you have to,or get help from people who know how it is made.There is tons of information available on how it is done.
Good luck

My grandpa has louie body dementia and we live in melbourne australia, he is beginning to be too much and we don’t want to have to put him in a home just yet, does anyone know of any where or have information on where I can get a hold of oil here in australia

Hi Marty,

I have just stumbled across this site. My father in law has Parkinson as well as Lewy Body Dementia.

Any chance u could give me some guidance?

He has been prescribed Seroquel and has deteriorated rapidly since taking it. Looking for alternatives.



Seroquel is deadly to the elderly especially with dementia!!! If he has been on it more than 6 months it is hard to reverse!

Hello there,

My 77 yr old father aldo has Parkinsons and Lewy-Body dementia.

This is an extremely interesting thread, very keen to learn more.

Would it be possible to add me to the FB group please?

Warmest regards.

Tom (UK)

I have started my mom with THCa tincture and it’s helped her with appetite, swallowing problems, and her Lewy body dementia

Hi Gabi, this is in tincture form, but I would contact them and discuss your grandpa’s condition. I have read some good reviews, found this only today so checking it out also. The other most common problem is Vitamin B12 deficiencies as well, reduced red blood cell activity causes less oxygen being pumped throughout the body and feeding the brain, without enough oxygen our bodies have to work harder and harder while continuing to still break down. All the best.

Reading all I can about cannabis oil. But does it actually have a affect on vascular dementia.
My mama in early stages at the Moment and I am considering buying it is even growing it myself.
There’s plenty adverts about for hemp oil But I’m at a loss as to what levels of cbd to get or grow.
I am in the UK any help would be appreciated.

Hello Simon,

I only just came across this site and your comment. I am also living in the UK and looking for information on how cannabis can help with Vascular Dementia.

Might you have information to share?

My mum is diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. And I am interested in information on how cannabis can help her.


Hi there l also am in the UK Leicester, my husband with vascular dementia andAlziehmers mixed l am findin out about this cbd oil l can’t stand by and watch the his tourcher any longer l will try and get some help from somewhere he walks night and day till he collapses with exhaustion how can the NHS allow this when there is some Cbd that l hope l will get to calm him .. If any one can give any more advice l would truly appreciate it. He still knows who l am and says he’s sorry and wants me to go with him where ever that may be .we do mobile eating then l have to leave him ,he carries on I go home ,l want him to come home if. l can get his walking under control .

I am wanting to know if cannabis Does get rid of tangles that cause dimentia. I heard on tv this true.

What about just marijuana in brownies for desert? My elderly mothers sundowning is really bad. Lewy bodies

My gran is 96 with dementia and diabetic neuropathy. We have had her on rso oil for the past week and wow is all I can say. She has no neuropathic pain since we started. Her sundowners has all but disappeared and she is laughing and smiling and singing. Prior to the TX she would constantly complain ..wanting to go home, along with making noises which sound like uh uh uh with constamt repetative questions..That has stopped completely. Her depression and anxiety is gone. We are slowly weaning her off prescription medications with her doctors assistance… All I can say is my gran is now happy….

What is Rso oil?
We can’t get medical marijuana but my grannys dr is ok with us getting cbd oils…. what dosage would we use?
She’s 94 with dementia/ sundowners, has anxiety, insomnia, the hallucinations, confusion and agitation
Any help from anyone please
We are going to order the cbd as soon as we know what to get

What is RSO OIL, my partner of 26 yrs has Lewy body Dementia, and sundowning we have been experimenting with CBD oil and Indica Thc , tinctures, Vapes, edibles, etc they mellow a little but not consistently I would like something more consistent.

RSO oil is Rick Simpson Oil I believe. Look it up online. I read that over 5,000 cancer patients have been cured using this marijuana concentrated oil

I went through a few weeks of severe stomach pain after eating regular food. It got to the point where I was literally down for the count for three hours. After blood draws, ultrasounds, fecal tests with no indication of what the problem was I resorted to edible marijuana. I ate 1/4th of a brownie the 1st day, half a small cookie the next 2 days, by the 4th day my pain went completely away. That was 6 months ago. BTW I ate less than 10 mg each time. As a one time anti-marijuana opponent I now 100% support it’s legalization across the board!

I have been reading so much information that I think my brain could over load. I am a home health aide and care for those primarily suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia. I recently helped someone get dr. Approval for medical marijuana. What I understand that high CBD percentage and a low THC percentage may be the best. But how do I know what is what? I’m hoping the dispensary can help answer those questions.

Cannabis has been shown to be neurogenic… that means that it helps replace the old cells in our central nervous system and especially the brain… there are 111 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant… all are medically active… through the endocannabinoid system… we all have cannabinoids in us… they are the communication system between the functions of our bodies… if you know there is a history of this in your family… prophylactic use can probably help… after onset of Alzheimer’s is the subject of the research I have seen… all favorable… I, personally have been using cannabis since I was 13… I am 63… and I have eidetic memory… I never forget anything… cept where I put the car keys.. ;;~》

Hello, I’m a caregiver to my Papa, that has dementia and sundowners…I live in Houston Texas area…Any idea were I can get cannabis chews or oil for him?
Thanks in Advance,

Treating my mom who has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Was able to order Pure Hemp CBD online and understand it is legal in all 50 states (0% THC).
Try Pure Botanicals in Denver

I have been dealing with Lewy Body Demenia for about a year now and i am devastated by the symptoms . I can no longer drive and have had to leave work in the medical surgical field. I have never been a drinker or medicine taker. I considered taking a dosage of marijuana . The effects of the marijuana have had a tremendous change in my cognitive and speech. It has been a few weeks with the treatments and I am so happy to have some thing that helps! My family sees a huge difference in improvement!

Hi Bryan,
may I ask you what is the treatment you take?
My dad is facing Lewy body demencia too, and I am looking for alternative treatment?

Thank you

I am very glad to read about your progress, l wish you all the best. How is your blood pressure going?
Best wishes.

I just suggest it to my mother maybe we should give my dad medical marijuana for his Lewy body dementia my mom reads Everything to learn about stuff where can I find information that she can read so she can see this could help him

My grandfather was diagnosed with Lewy Body. Wondering if there is a certain strain potency level. That help with the symptoms better. My Mother has started him on thc oil with a vape. I have read eating thc infused foods or vaping or smoking in leaf form is better then in oil form. Any help wold be great. Thanks all


I am caring for my Mom in my home, she has Vascular Dementia. I am currently using CBD of which she is all for if it’s going to help, but can not find any information on the appropriate dosage amount per day. Right now we are using 45mg per day CBD and 5mg per day of THC (CBD 10mg morning, mid day and at super. another 10mg CBD along with a 1:1 5mg CBD / THC one hour before bedtime. We have been using this for only 3 days now, no changes yet in cognitive function but she is sleeping very well at night. She sleeps all night with no interruption and is waking earlier in the day feeling clear. Can you tell me if this is too much CBD ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My mom has Lewy body dementia with strong Parkinson’s symptoms presenting. looking into the CBD oil but am unclear if the 1:1 ratio is the best or if CBD oil with low THC is better. Was thinking of 1:1 ratio tincture for night time and maybe just the CBD oil for day. Any comments on this?

Hi Kevin,
It’s tough caring for elderly parents – I’m finding it very difficult now and just wondering if you know of any online forums just focusing on caring for elderly parents with dementia/alzheimers. My Dad has vascular dementia, very progressed, and I haven’t been able to find a lot of support, other than from alzheimers society, etc – — basically agencies that only want to take up my valuable time and yet really offer much of nothing in way of support. Last year I used up all of my sick days from work and most of vacation days to meet with different agencies hoping for help, only to be told they know my dad qualifies for a lot of help, but there is none out there to be had – very frustrating.

Took my 85 year old father with vascular dementia to a clinic today for an assessment. I go back in two weeks to meet with the Doctor. Just hoping to get something that works with anxiety, sleepless nights, sundowning, and agitatation. We want him to be able to remain at home with us, instead of going into long term care.

I’ve been reading alot of these comments re folks dealing with their parents with dementia, my mother has dementia and lives with my husband and I, she gets the sundowners in the evenings and has hard time sleeping and she thinks people are knocking on the door, her eating is like feeding a bird I am wondering if anyone knows what amount of cbd oil we should should start her out on if I can get my hands on some? It gets frustrating to see and deal with her mood swings

My 87 year old Mother was diagnosed with Dementia in January. Her & my father live with us. We had her taking doneprizal for 30 days which sent her into a constant state of confusion & depression. Took her off if that & she was better! Now we see her memory declining & confusion increasing rapidly. Tried CBD oil ointment for my dads arthritis & he is now off of all pain mess! Would love to see if some type of cannabis could help mom. I’m in NC so no legal medical marijuana???? Any idea where I might find dosage or a place to get it?

My husband has dementia Alzheimer and I am just getting acquainted with MMJ. from what I have read a combination of CBD oil and THC is best. I don’t want him to suffer the paranoia that I understand THC can cause. What is the ratio I should look for in store bought products. I think edibles will be best for him. I bought some raspberry pucks but have not tried them on him yet. they are 100 mg THC and I have been advised to give him 1/2 of one or 1/4. He wouldn’t know how to smoke it. But maybe capsules is a better way to get the combination? Will it cause paranoia and is it too strong? Please advise.

I have Mild Cognitive Impairment (early Alzheimer”s). There is a huge family history. I tried the meds that are used for this disease and it did nothing for me. Here is my regimen: I use CBD two times during the day (late morning & late afternoon) and at bedtime, I take THC. That has worked great for me for probably close to 2 years. Lately, I notice that it is not quite as effective as it had been, I will play with the dosing and see if I can change things around. Luckily, I live in a medical marijuana state and the dispensary I go to has a Doctor on staff, so they are able to help with suggestions for dosing. I also like that the dispensary I go to has the CBD & THC in capsule form, so I don’t have to smoke it.

Can you please describe the effects that you experienced with your CBD regimen? What dosage you used? What method of ingesion? What product form and formulation?

I also have a mother with dementia.
As I understand there is a specific oil to be use for dementia sufferers. In anything do your research well. Waiting to try. Oil And get of the drugs with all the side effects. But wanted to mention to look at the use of lithium orotate. It is very interesting. Google it. Don’t just think lithium… natural mineral from health food store.

There is a big family history of Alzheimer’s in my family, including my Mother, Grandmother, probably Great Grandmother (back then they used the term “insanity”) and also probably my maternal aunt who died from complications of diabetes, but was starting to have symptoms of dementia. I was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment about 5 or 6 years ago and decided I was not going down without a fight and declared “war” on it. I immediately became a Vegan and started exercising so much, I have just about destroyed my knees and need replacements, but don’t want to undergo surgery because of the anesthesia and pain meds. I truly believe the diet and exercise regime have helped slow it down, but I have noticed in the last month that things are changing. I am just not sure what I am going to do now. I am not one to throw in the towel, but I am running out of options. Thanks for listening. Sometimes, I just need to vent

I am 79 years old and am getting very frustrated with my memory loss I would like to try something but I live in TX can anyone help on where I can go/

My husband has vascular dementia with lewy body and I would like to be added to the list. He gets very agitated and has fits of screaming. He has also lost his appetite recently and sometimes refuses to take his medicine. He has high blood pressure and diabetis too. Would appreciate any help and we live the PA.

My mother has suffered for several year now with dementia. Doctor prescribed her medication clearly marked not for patients with dementia. I decided to try edibles what a difference she remains calm and I have taken her off the the medication that had all sorts of side effects. She sleeps through the night. I have sense started making my own butter and edibles for my mother. I suffered for years with insomnia and eat one cookie about one hour before bed and sleep better than I have in years.

Just started my dad on CBD oil after they put him on Seroquel for sundowning which was a disaster! The Seroquel and Haldol put my dad into a wheel chair and caused him to fall out of the bed every night. We got him off those meds an on to CBD oil in the evenings and he seems to be doing quite well! We are increasing his dose slowly and we are going to start giving him two doses in the evenings, one before dinner at around 4:30 pm and the other around 10:00 pm to help him sleep through the night. My dad is at an assisted living faculty in California and they are administering the CBD to him. I’m grateful for this thread because it gave me hope to push forward and pursue this option for my dad and he is doing better because of the information provided here. It takes a lot of research but it is worth the effort!

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